Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Operation: Get The Kid A Crib - Update on Part One

It's been a few weeks since I last posted. School went back, weekend work started up again... and we were frantically packing to move cos we BOUGHT A HOUSE, BITCHEZ!

Got the kid a crib: they key on settlement day (9th May 2014).
Yeah that's right. LJ Hooker, you're the best.

We've been moved in for nearly a week now. We went from a small brick veneer three bed, 2 bath, kitchen/lounge/dining with a courtyard, built last year, to a FREAKING HUGE weatherboard three bed (two of which have walk-ins) plus study plus loft, 2 bath (ONE INCLUDING A SPA, HELL YEAH), kitchen/dining with separate lounge, a back deck and a HUGE backyard, built sometime in the 1970s or 80s. It is the most gorgeous, run down, fantastic, unique place ever.

Buying a house in Victoria is not easy but nor is it the bureaucratic nightmare I had envisaged. It did go quickly for us, as the vendor wanted a quick settlement (42 days by my count, from the day we signed the papers). Once we found what we knew would be our new home through LJ Hooker, we went through a mortgage broker (JCB Accounting) who guided us through everything financial. We looked at different options for our loan with our consultant, and ended up going through one of the big four as they had decent rates for our situation. After we were approved for finance, the accountant handed over our paperwork to an amazing lawyer who completed all the conveyancing work that had to be done and voila, just two weeks later we moved into our new home! There is a lot to be said for outsourcing the paperwork where it can be outsourced - it meant I could enjoy saying goodbye to our old house (with great relish) and anticipate moving (which is stressful enough!) with greater ease. I took a day of unpaid leave from work to finish packing and cleaning, and a week later the important stuff is functioning - bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and study. We have a lot more to finish unpacking, but it is getting there.

Some interesting things I have learned since moving:
- My car insurance was halved by moving five minutes' away from our old house. Go figure. Apparently sometimes it depends which end of a street you live on. Either way, I lucked out as what I am saving on my comprehensive policy will now cover the cost of the repayments on pretty new furniture we bought.
- It is possible to remember to change everything over within a week of moving - bank details, car insurance, health insurance, electoral roll details, license and registration, payroll for work.
- Never thought I'd say this, but there is a lot to be said for tradition. It looks cool, for one. I don't remember doing all of this with our other moves but this time we followed what the Khocolateman's parents asked us to do, and waited until after 2:53pm to enter the house. When we did enter, we carried a tray laid out with particular things, and lit a lamp to burn on the counter, and boiled a small terracotta pot of milk until it overflowed onto the stovetop before we moved anything into the house. It was fun.

The tray we carried through the door with us as we entered the house for the first time. Tea, a small lamp, salt, spices and coins. The tray we carried through the door with us as we entered the house for the first time. Tea, a small lamp, salt, spices and coins. The milk boiling over on the stove.
The tray, the lamp, and the terracotta pot.


The kid has a crib, whenever it rocks up. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a room picked out to be a nursery already. Both house and nursery need a bit of work done on them, but we've made a big step towards being ready for this panda-making business to begin. Operation: Get The Kid A Crib Part One - success.