Monday, 30 May 2016

Fauxnuts and cookies, oh my!

Imagine combining all the cute things in the world with ALL OF THE BAKED GOODS. If you can imagine that, you've just come across Vickiee Liu whose adorably cute cookies and fauxnuts caught my eye at the last flour market.

I have it on good authority that she is truly a one woman baking powerhouse. She bakes, ices and packages her cookies, and is there to sell them on the day, displaying a beautiful range of cookies and doughnuts/donuts... ahem, sorry... fauxnuts.



The Totoro cookie got me nearly 500 likes on Instagram. I'm just a small-time blogger, so this was a REALLY BIG DEAL to me. Mental note: find more Totoro and Studio Ghibli stuff to take photos of. Then I saw her macha fauxnut in the shape of a cat and I went... yeah, need that one. So my last donut as part of carbapalooza was actually a faux nut, and I called it Neko.


And that was my last review for the autumn Flour Market! I hope I'll be back to visit it one day but the next one is likely to be when I'm still on purees again so maybe not next time. Keep your eyes peeled if you do go and get on Vickie's pretty deliciousnesses!

Oh Cheezus

Cheezels, my favourite chips:

Artistic shot of unnaturally yellow snack food

If you grew up in Australia, you had these in bowls at every birthday party. You got engaged, married and divorced care of their ring shape. They turned your teeth yellow when you smiled. You learned that they weren't bad for fixing hangovers when you got older, and that those little packets were just enough (they don't make them any more - just the boxes and the big packets - don't ask how I know this).

They're made of rice byproducts so I'm pretty much banking on not being able to eat them any more post-surgery - or if I can, one at a time over a period of several weeks. Goodbye my lover, Cheezels, my good friend.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Cessna Express

Having moved schools this year, I'm now in a totally different area with new places to explore Zomato-wise. This was the first I experienced - our team hit up Cessna Express near the Moorabin Airport for lunch during our planning day. Parking is a little tricky, and seating is a little iffy as we were discouraged from moving tables so all nine of us could sit together (yup, seven teachers plus two prac students - new school is MUCH bigger than old school!).

Food-wise, Cessna offers mostly standard cafe food - sandwiches, rolls and Turkish bread thingies, bain marie food like pasta and chips, and drinks from the fridge and coffee over the counter. Quick and easy to cater for the workers in the mostly industrial estate surrounding it.

Sandwich innards

I got a toasted sandwich - I think it was Turkish bread but it might have been ciabatta - wasn't really focused on the outsides! The insides were a yummy range of Mediterranean veggies and deli meat, not too oily but not too dry and very salty (which I like - mmmmiodinecomeatme). Reasonably priced, and matching the amount of content, it was a satisfying lunch when accompanied with a shared plate of (very standard) chips.


Overall, was I impressed? Not massively so as it was a bit lacking in atmosphere, but I didn't leave hungry and I didn't leave disgruntled, so based on previous experiences elsewhere I guess that's a pretty decent testament to it being okay. Cessna Espress Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


So I've worked my way through half of the Optifast variety pack, and I've experimented with my 'added extras' - here's an update of where I'm at so far:

Day One - Banana Optifast + Banana Sippah Straw + Benefibre + Devondale Skim Milk (200ml).


Have you ever actually looked at those straws? They're surprisingly high tech. I was wondering how the beady bits didn't just fall out - turns out there is a super-sophisticated (for a straw) filter bit at each end. Amazing. SO - getting on with it - my big complaint with opti in the past has been that I find it horribly bland. With just 200ml of milk, it became a problem at the opposite end of the scale - sickeningly sweet. I drank it, then had a few mouthfuls of salad I'd brought with me to get rid of the taste. Rating: 2/10

Day Two - Caramel Optifast + Cookies and Cream Sippah Straw + Devondale Skim Milk (200ml) + Water (100ml)

Introducing my shake cup

I've been shaking my VLCD shakes in this baby. Bought it from Woolies, about $10, sturdy as hell and seals like a dream - this is important to me as the Khocolateman had an incident where his shake emptied half of itself all over the inside of his bag, which he discovered on the train. Not so great. This one? Bingo. And, learning from the mistakes of Day One, I put this one together with 200ml of milk and 100ml of water. Shake shake shake, bring in the high-tech straw and YUM. OK I CAN DO THIS EVERY DAY FOR TWO WEEKS EASY PEASY. Actually drinkable. Only two problems - no Benefibre, and I'm not meant to have it with milk. Rating: 8/10

Day Three - Strawberry Optifast + Strawberry Sippah Straw + Benefibre + Devondale Skim Milk (200ml) + Water (100ml)

Miracle fibre stuff

We used to keep Metamucil, but I don't like the orange flavoured one, and if it doesn't dissolve properly, it goes kind of gluggy. Also, if you leave it too long it kind of becomes like a large glass-shaped lump of glue and you have a hell of a time getting it out. Enter Benefibre - you can stir it into anything and it doesn't go gluggy, no taste and it gives you the extra fibre you need if you're not allowed to eat much with fibre in it. AND WITH LOTS OF LIQUID IT DISSOLVES AND GOES THROUGH A SIPPAH STRAW! This was pretty good! I can cope with this! We'll see what happens when I switch up the milk/water ratio tomorrow, but if I have to go with this, I can cope. Rating: 8/10.

Day Four - Strawberry Optifast + strawberry Sippah Straw + Benefibre + Devondale Skim Milk (100ml) + Water (200ml)

Ratios, ratios

This was what I was most worried about - how the taste would change as I mixed up the ratio of milk and water. This was the first time I got a hint of the blergh bland taste - but only for a little bit and only at the end. I can cope with a little tiny bit like that. Rating: 6/10

Day Five - Vanilla Optifast + Mint Sippah Straw + Benefibre + Chia Seeds + Devondale Skim Milk (100ml) + Water (200ml)

Chocolate sprinkles?

A friend tells her daughters (who can't read just yet) that black chia seeds are actually chocolate sprinkles. Heh. I'm using them for extra texture - I've used them for several years in my green smoothies, and I find them nice and crunchy at the bottom of my glass if they've not done their frog spawn impersonation by the time I get to them. Mmmm. Crunchy frog spawn. HOWEVER - today I learnt a lesson. Don't put them in anything you plan on drinking through a Sippah straw - they do not dissolve and block the straw. I had to drink the shake without and I nearly three up. Rating: 2/10.

This week's lessons - milk good when mixed with water, Benefiber good, Sippah straws good, Chia Seeds with all of the above BAD. STAY TUNED for more tips coming up as I launch into the pre-op diet. Two weeks til full-blown taper - four weeks from now I'll be on the losers' bench!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Hubba, Hubba Baba Sus!

And now for a break from our Carbapalooza programming... hubba, hubba - it's Baba Sus!

Post-summer-flour-market, Jiena suggested that we swing by Baba Sus on the way home for some proper brunch (not that baked goods aren't a proper brunch BUT this was Japanese food for breakfast and we all know how I feel about okonomiyaki, so....).


This was the main reason Jiena suggested Baba Sus in the first place - we kicked off with macha lattes. Apparently, they often get quite inventive with the latte art, but this time around a simple feathering was what we got (that sounds kinda kinky - it isn't meant to! you know what I mean! look at the photo already if you don't!). The macha was quite bitter - very authentic - and it took me a sugar or two to make it the right flavour that I like (yes, the pleb in me has been spoiled by green tea lattes from Starbucks... don't judge me!). Hot, thick and strong macha powder - a great palate cleanser.

IMG_20160221_100312229_HDR (1)
Okonomiyummy for breakfast

Okonomiyaki was the only choice for me - seriously, what else was I going to pick?? And with bacon on top?? Pfff. They didn't even need to give me the rest of the menu. That was me gone. It was a good pancake, too - served piping hot, plenty of cabbage held together with just-cooked dough, crispy around the edges with plenty of the flakes and sliced scallions on top, surprisingly good sauce ratio and man did that taste good with bacon. Never would have thought to pair the two here, which is silly, since buta okonomiyaki (pork pancake) used to be a favourite when I lived there. Breakfast meat meets anytime pancake - winner. The servings were generous, and proportionate to the cost.

Other people got other things

It was busy the whole time we were there but we weren't ignored or left waiting at any point. Service was friendly, quick and efficient. Japanese for breakfast - and in the suburbs, instead of the CBD? Yes please! I'm totally in for that. I'll be heading back soon to see if I can stomach my favourites after surgery!

Baba Sus Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Gimme ma bagel and schmear!

It's time to add to the carbapalooza database with my favourite bagel people in Melbourne... 5 and Dime Bagel. If I include sandwiches, I have to include bagels.

In the spirit of 100% honest disclosure, I'm going off my experience with them at the Flour Markets in summer and spring. Last time I was there I got two white bagels, one with bacon cream cheese and the other with smoked trout cream cheese - the cream cheese being the schmear they talk about in movies. And in the title of this post.

THIS TIME I got adventurous. White bagels? pffff. I've had you. You were good, but it's time for me to get adventurous for my last time eating a bagel. LOVED the schmear though - so something to pair with my bacon cream cheese, and something to pair with the smoked trout. Aha! Cheese for the former, dill for the latter.

Good choices.

Bacon schmear on cheese bagel

Smoked trout schmear on dill bagel

CHECK OUT THE RATIO IN THERE. WHOPPING great serves of schmear - which when you think about it seems a bit of a contradiction, given that schmear comes from the German word meaning 'to spread', and Urban Dictionary goes so far as to say it is 'a small amount of condiment applied to a food item'. This is more like a slathering. It balances the inherent dense, more dry nature of a bagel beautifully.

Flavours. Oh dear Lord, the flavours. If I thought I liked them last time, OMG I LOVED THEM TO TINY BITS AND PIECES THIS TIME. The dill just gave the smoked trout schmear and extra nudge, and the cheese - well, let's face it, nothing works with bacon like cheese. Yup. On a winner. And still great value - other places charge closer to the ten mark for something like this. 5 and Dime charges closer to the $5-6 mark depending which bagel and which schmear you pair up.

Just a quick note about the staff. They are amazing. They were there well before we were (and my little crew were first in line at the early riser's entrance, so we were there at 7:30am). They were friendly. They were quick. They were funny. They were great at guiding people to good choices. If their shop is half as good, they're onto a good thing and EVERYONE should go visit them. As is, look them up if you make it to the winter Flour Market.

5 & Dime Bagels Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friday, 20 May 2016

Bye Bye LuxBite Desserts...

A friend who came with me to the spring Flour Market last year went nuts when she saw LuxBite on the list of vendors. Oh my. I'm pretty sure that was the main reason she came with me. I know that was the main thing she bought. And funnily enough, it seems to have been the same my other two visits, too - someone is always there because of the LuxBite drawcard!

Once again, in the spirit of full disclosure, I am reporting on LuxBite food as sold at the Flour Market for autumn 2016. I am referencing food I have had of theirs from the previous two flour markets I have also been to. Read on. If you have an issue with it, shoot me a comment. Otherwise, prepare whatever it is in your mouth that waters (hmm. might have to look that up sometime).

I like pandas, as you might have noticed, so imagine my OMG when I saw that for autumn, LuxBite had produced a white sesame caramel, black sesame panna cotta and hazelnut and coffee mousse tart in the shape of a panda. Perfect dessert to profile for carbapalooza! Not sure I'll be able to do it again after my sleeving.


Cross-section of a panda... not what I expected!

The top was more gelatinous than I expected; less gooey, and a bit more jelly-like. I enjoyed the flavour of the top section - the panna cotta was quite thin, but complimented the caramel well, and together were quite rich but not overpowering. I'm not usually a fan of anything hazelnut, but that mousse, WOW. It was GOOD. Just enough nuttiness that you could taste it, but tempered with blobs of... honestly, I'm not even sure. You can see them in the cross-section photograph. The red was sweeter, some kind of berry I'm guessing, but the other two? *Shrug and =/ moment*

Jiena bought more from LuxBite than me =P

The famed giant macaroon

This was what I bought from LuxBite my first time around. A giant macaron standing about two inches tall, about three inches in diameter, and worth its weight in something better than gold. I won't spoil the surprise, but something surprising AND yummy awaits you in the middle. This was what my original flour market buddy told me I MUST TRY and what originally impressed me with LuxBite. I've come back each time - last time they were very moon cake and moon cake flavour themed as it was very close to Lunar New Year, which was pretty cool as a contrast.

The staff are impeccably polite, helpful and quick. They always have lots of product on hand, and all of it is beautifully presented. They were also one of the vendors who has the new D square eftpos capacity - no more panicking over having no cash on me! Considering their goods are at the upper end of the Flour Market economic spread, this is definitely a good thing for them as well. Good work LuxBite - maybe I'll see you again sometime. LuxBite Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

PREPARE THE LIQUIDS! Part One - Introducing the Issues

As do many surgeons, mine (Ray McHenry from LapSurgery Australia) has requested that for two weeks before surgery I adhere to a mostly liquid diet. I watched the Khocolateman go through this just a few months ago, so I know the drill pretty much by heart:

3 Optifast products per day including the shakes, soups, desserts and bars.
2-4 cups of low-starch veggies from the allowed list
1 teaspoon of oil per day - we usually use it to cook the veggies in
2-3L of calorie-free fluid - ie, water.

I have to say, the second and third items don't pose too much of a problem. I'm really looking forward to sharing some of the recipes I use for the veggies! They're so simple but very satisfying - both to my stomach and my taste buds.

Items number one and four, on the other hand - these fill me with dread.

I'll deal with the fluid thing first. For most occupations, it's okay if you drink that many litres of water. It's considered normal. Healthy. Manageable. But as a teacher - dear sweet mother of all things holy, have you TRIED holding your bladder for a hundred minutes after drinking three litres of water?? That's right - we can't leave the room while class is in session. The last time I was drinking three litres of water a day, I had a ten minute break every hour - and I could hold it that long. Fifty minutes is manageable. A hundred? Forget it! The dietitian suggested I drink it all after school - sounds good in theory, but last time I tried doing that I ended up peeing about a zillion times a night. I want my sleep. I need my sleep (oh baby, oh baby). Any tips for how to address this, lemme know in the comments below.

Now the last item in the list to be dealt with - Optifast. Not my favourite beverage. I've tried it twice before, without surgery as a goal at the end of it. The texture, not my favourite. The taste, also not preferred. This time, though, it simply has to be done - so I'm using the next few weeks while I can still have SOME food to work out how to make it palatable enough to live on for two weeks.

Enter the aides:


Optifast - I got a variety pack so I can experiment a little with the flavours before I buy anything in bulk.
Sippah straws - This is to combat the taste issue. Hopefully they'll add a bit more flavour and fun to the drink.
Milo - to add to the chocolate one for a bit more texture and disguise any lumps of undissolved powder.
Chia seeds - I love these in everything, so this seemed like a no-brainer. Again, adding something yummy to the texture.
Long life milk - This is to keep at school so I can make a shake in the office. I really don't like the watery consistency of the shakes, so I thought if I added some milk for the next few weeks and slowly watered it down, maybe I'll get used to it by crunch time.
Benefibre - because let's face it - all this fluid and not much food is going to cause havoc for anyone's digestive system. Fibre ahoy!

Stay tuned next week to hear how the first week of tapering has gone, what's worked and what I'll be switching up in my Optifast regime

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Hills Are Alive... with the sound of ice cream...

Fairy Hills Ice Cream

Who wouldn't want to hit this place up? The name alone invites you in, as does the very ice creamy exterior decor. The interior is spacious and contains benches and tables - the tables have a selection of games, magazines, newspaper and puzzles which makes me want to come back to challenge someone at connect four!

sugar me up scotty

I had the flavour of the week - honey crunch, which featured honey-flavoured ice cream and crystalised honey throughout as well as crunchy toffee slivers nestled where you least expected them. The taste was sweet but not overpoweringly so - surprising, for a honey experience!

this milkshake will bring some boys to the yard... maybe.

I also ordered a caramel milkshake. That was fairly standard. Had milk, was thick, tasted caramelly - but obviously not what they're totally known for (that being an amazing range of ice cream, duh). The value for money made it a viable snacky purchase, though - at $5 that was pretty good, as was $4 for a standard scoop of ice cream.

While yes, I am aware that ice cream is not a carb, I'm chucking it in with carbapalooza. Fairy Hills ice cream will definitely be a place I hit up again after surgery - some people report being able to eat ice cream whereas others definitely cannot, so I'll have to see how I go! In the meantime, you should go there and tell me what flavour you like best... Their Christmas pudding one sounds good... So does their pavlova passion... mmmmmm.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016



Noun: palooza ‎(plural paloozas)(neologism) An exaggerated event.

In which I exaggerate my carbohydrate intake over the period of a month for the sake of something good to read.

Ner, not really. But in May 2016, it is my mission to consume some of the foods I have had on my 'to eat, perchance to blog' list for a while, and which contain carbs - those nasties I've watched the Khocolateman battle with since his gastric bypass back in February. Keep checking back as I extoll the virtues in little posts of their own pertaining to some of my favourite carby happies that I'm going to have to wave a sad goodbye to come June 21st.

1. Breakfast at Subway
2. Ruben sandwiches
3. Cheezels
4. Lamingtons
5. Breakie Wraps
6. Bao (Wonderbao in particular)
7. Dumplings
8. Bings
9. Donuts
10. Sausage rolls
11. Cookies
12. Luxbite cake
13. 5andDime Bagels
14. Icecream
15. Pizza

Friday, 13 May 2016

Mona's Bakehouse, Dingley Village

So new school this year - total opposite direction to where I used to work, meaning I had the enviable task of scoping out a BUNCH of new places for when I forget my lunch, when I need a chai on the run, etc. Most have, disappointingly, turned out to be non-events, with the exception of two (so far). One is Cessna Express, the other is Mona's Bakehouse.

Mona's appears to be about the only place open before 8am in Dingley Village that isn't a chain, a franchise, or a 7/11. I went in with low expectations - however when I walked through the doors it was PACKED OUT IN THE EXTREME and I raised my expectations a notch as obviously it's a bit of a favourite. Then I was served quickly by a lovely young lady with a sense of humour and they had a card reader (even with a $10 minimum on eftpos) so it went up another two notches.

I ordered my customary chai, a quiche lorraine for lunch and a sausage roll for breakfast (don't judge me - I had to make it up to $10). The chai was a standard powder, but quick and hot when I got it so that was a bonus given the wind was blowing a gale and I was freezing my tootsies off for the first time this year.

Mona's Bakehouse
World, meet quiche. Quiche, meet world.

The quiche lorraine, oh dear lord, it was GOOD. Bacon had all kind of floated to the top in the baking process, which was kind of cool, and the pastry was quite thin (GOOD cos there's nothing worse than too much pastry). The egg portion was like the perfect scrambled egg - SLIGHTLY jelly-like, but solid enough to hold all the innards in. Tasty - not too salty, but not bland at all, almost creamy. I don't know what they did to it, but I'd very much like to find out!

Mona's Bakehouse
Mona's Bakehouse
Inside, outside and then into my innards

The sausage roll was also pretty amazing! My motto in life is becoming 'the day is too short to eat blah food' - so this was a red-letter day from the quiche anyway, but it totally won out on the flaky pastry and the very solid insides of the sausage roll - tender meat, and a bit of veggie matter for contrast, not too dry but not uber-oily either.

Evidently, these guys get their pastry right. And everything else in between it!

Mona's - about to become my favourite place in Dingley Village I think!

Mona's Bakehouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Breakfast at Subway

I really like Subway. Once upon a time, broke uni student WhiteKhocolate used to work there - very briefly - and even after a fairly rotten experience the smell of baking bread sets off a pleasant chain reaction in my olifactory system FORCING ME TO PURCHASE BREADED GOODNESS.

Well, maybe not. But I do still really like Subway - and I'm thrilled they do breakfast. I remember a time when they did not. And I will be very sad that I will not be able to eat them, at least for quite a while - hence Subway Breakfast's induction into the Carbapalooza hall of fame!

Perfect breakfast sub for me - a white sub, with or without Italian herb and cheese topping. Bacon and egg. Old English cheese. Avocado. Baby spinach, pickles and jalapenos. And then either garlic aioli or ranch dressing (depending on what I'm doing afterwards - on this day it was teaching, so I did without the garlic - not very fair on my students!).

Subway Ivanhoe

The staff at Ivanhoe Subway are so sweet and very friendly. There is at least one more Subway that I don't go to because their staff are shocking - at the TOTAL OTHER END OF THE SCALE these guys and girls are the perfect people you'd want to take your order! If you work in the area enquire about their loyalty cards.

Subway Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Reuben sandwich at Mr Peebles

Plans for brunch fell through when I was last in Ivanhoe, but I remembered in the nick of time that Mr Peebles was where it is on Lower Heidelberg Road, and I hit them up for food before work. It was busy but not crowded, and I managed to get a seat at the bench by the window where I could work while eating.

I wasn't offered a menu, but I knew what I wanted from the specials board so that was fine - a chai latte (bien sur!) and a Reuben sandwich (my last until after surgery).

It was a really lovely morning in such a light, bright space. The chai arrived quickly, and despite slopping half of it on the saucer (cos I'm a klutz when juggling multiple things (laptop, phone, keys, diary, pen... and chai), I enjoyed it. I'm pretty sure it was a powder as it was quite sweet, but there wasn't anything that denoted it being terrible.

Mr Peebles

The Reuben. Oh dear lord. It was huge. The meat was cut quite thick, the sauerkraut was (I think) handmade and not too fermented - it still had a bit of crunch to it - and the cheese was strategically placed so as it melted it didn't drip everywhere. Good construction. The seeded bread was pleasantly soft in the middle, crunchy around the outside and buttered well enough that it was yellowed after being toasted.

Mr Peebles

Overall? Not bad! Mr Peebles was efinitely worth the trip, and definitely somewhere I'd like to visit again if possible. A great, and very classy, entry in Carbapalooza!

Mr Peebles Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Come Along For The Ride!

So! I started this blog two years ago, thinking it would be one genre, and it turned out to be totally different. The last thirteen months have given this blog the opportunity to be all about the food, so if you don't know me in person, you could totally be forgiven for thinking the rest of this post serves me right!

Rewind to 2011 - I'd been back in country two years, had completed the first year of my masters and I was TIRED. I'm not a brilliant sleeper as is, but this was like being hit by a brick day in day out, struggling to stay awake and find the energy to do very much at all beyond the basics. Plus, I started putting on weight. Fast. I hit up a new GP and they ran tests, and they found that my thyroid was struggling.

Fast forward to 2016, after I had tried diet plans, a dietitian, thyroid-regulating medication and six million other solutions to fix my ever-burgeoning weight issues which were being attributed to my thyroid being pretty much munted. My endocrinologist - a totally awesome guy from South East Endocrine Associates, hit up Dr Tan if you want someone to take you seriously - referred me to Lap Surgery Australia for a bariatric surgery assessment. This was just after the Khocolateman had his gastric bypass done (yup, great year for us) so I knew what to expect, and had no hesitation saying 'yes' after they popped the question.

What they asked was "How does a vertical sleeve gastrectomy sound to you?" What I heard was "How do you feel about getting your body to not feel like it's been hit with a Mack truck twenty-four seven? How do you feel about your feet not hurting any more? How do you feel about not wondering if your back is going to go south on you again? AND HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT BEING ABLE TO GO BACK TO PLAYING SPORT FOR FUN?"

IS IT ANY WONDER I NARROWLY AVOIDED SAYING "SHIT YES, SIGN ME UP NOW!" and managed a polite "Yes, I've read about them and that sounds like a good option for me"?

It's taken three months, but I have a surgery date.


After I come out of hospital... even after I've recovered... very little restaurant blogging. I'm not disappearing - I'm anticipating more of a recipe focus. I'm thinking of trying some of the meal plans again and reviewing how they measure up with very little stomach. I'm hoping for a Thermomix focus (which means getting a Thermomix because, let's face it, if I have the energy to go for a run with Large Dog, wouldn't it be nice not to have to weigh that up against making dinner because I'm short on time?).

STAY TUNED FOR CARBAPALOOZA (the Khocolateman can't eat anything with bread any more and I LOVE ME A SAMMICH COME AT ME), info about the sleeve gastrectomy and other thingies going on in the lead-up to G-DAY.

And because we all know how much I like theme songs... here's mine for this adventure:

Everyone deserves a chance to fly!