Sunday, 10 July 2016

20 Days Post-Op - The Hard Yards

Hello, blog world.

Apologies for the (more lengthy than usual) absence. I've been doing my impersonation of a koala and sleeping for seventeen hours a day (on some days - no joke). It's eaten up quite a bit of my three weeks of recovery.

I have individual posts coming on my hospital bag, hospital stay and some recipes for the fluid stage and the puree stage.

This post is a little whinge about the stuff that has been hard since coming home. NOTE: Not everyone finds it hard, and I'm aware my 'hard' is not that bad compared to many.

1. Drinking. I've always been terrible at getting my water in every day. Part of it is the whole teachers-can't-leave-the-classroom-to-go-pee-for-a-hundred-minutes-at-a-time thing. Part of it is I never really felt thirsty. Now I feel thirsty all the time, but because my stomach is so freakin' tiny, I can only sip. I spend most of my waking day sipping whatever I can lay my little mitts on. It's a full-time occupation.

2. Sleeping on my side. For ten days I had external stitches so sleeping on my back was the only option. Then my stitches came out and WOOHOO - fetal position once again. Then I put my classroom back together on Friday and ow. I was reminded that my internal stitches still have a ways to go before they're healed.

3. Taking medication. Oh boy. So I'm on thyroxine, nexium, calcium citrate, hair/skin/nails liquid and a chewable multi-vitamin. I'm also meant to have a berocca every morning. I'm seriously on struggle street with this - in the morning I feel quite unwell, and trying to get all that down is tough when it feels like it's going to come back up. Pair that with not being able to gulp fluid to get everything down... not pleasant.

4. Being tired. I'm exhausted, almost all the time. I have been getting up at 7 to make his breakfast and say goodbye to the Khocolateman, then going back to sleep for a few hours, getting up and doing something, then having a siesta in the afternoon, doing something in the evening, then going to bed at my normal time (about 10). Rinse and repeat. God only knows how I'm going to get through 6am starts and full teaching days this week.

5. Food. This was bound to be hard. I'm theoretically still on puree. Unfortunately - and I'd kind of forgotten this - I'm not great with puree as a texture. I've really struggled with this. Fluid was easier - lots of milk, some juice, berocca, soup. I was HANGING for puree but after the first day I've had a run of bringing back up quite a bit of what I've eaten. So far, I have ruled out tomato soup, Aldi pate and soft cheese (but Woolies is fine? go figure), spinach dip, mushed up fish cake, and pot-set yoghurt. Things my body has liked include avocado and feta smash, palak paneer, scrambled eggs, normal yoghurt (?!), custard, hummus, taramasalata, the gravy out of the Khocolateman's chicken curry, the broth out of his liver stew, bombili (a Sri Lankan fish dish), potato anything, soft crackers, caramel, tea and pumpkin soup.

So there you go. That's where I'm at. As soon as I feel like I'm sort of back to normal there'll be other posts coming. Til then, eat something yummy on my behalf and comment with it below!