Sunday, 25 September 2016

Gold Leaf

We visited Gold Leaf in Burwood for Yum Cha a while back (pre-surgery for both the Khocolateman and I... so a really long time ago!) with two of our friends (the owners of two of Dalek's best doggy friends, Toebes and Theo). I'd been there once before for an end of year function and I liked the food then, but their yum cha put that to shame!

My favourite yum cha dish is always the chicken feet. They get done a couple of different ways for yum cha at different restaurants - at Gold Leaf it was savoury (though it didn't taste like a black bean sauce as you usually get though) and they were very sticky, but not so much so that the texture of the meat was lost. Yum. The Khocolateman REALLY likes the steamed BBQ pork buns and went through several plates, much to the amusement of all watching, and reported that they were satisfying and adequate. Nothing to be given Michelin stars over, but certainly very edible.

NOW USUALLY if we go out together we steer clear of seafood as the Khocolateman has a nasty allergy and we like him alive and kicking. On this day, though, the seafood lovers outnumbered him three to one - so dumplings with scallops, and dumplings with prawns, and tofu thingies (sorry I don't know the actual name... I will pay more attention next time) with more scallops were the order of the day. There were a lot of them.




All up, a very satisfying meal for a very reasonable price. It does get very busy so I do recommend booking ahead, especially on weekends.

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  1. Wow this looks interesting! I have never had chicken feet and i cannot even imagine! but this looks like a very interesting idea!