Monday, 5 September 2016

Happy hotpot to you...!

We celebrated my brother in law's seventeenth birthday not that long ago, and for something different Akki suggested we try a place in Abbotsford that I hadn't heard of before but boy am I glad I have now!

FOF (Full Of Food) Rotary Hotpot is like a combination of a shabushabu restaurant and a sushi train. Each place setting has a hot plate where you warm your personal soup (you can choose from four), and then you choose the meat, veggies, noodles and other yummies from the 'train' and cook to your heart's content.

Not my video - made by the eminent Youtuber Katerina Kotsakis - skip to about the two-minute mark to see how the actual hot pot train works!

Meaty hot pot select-for-yourself goodness

The Khocolateman and I decided on the Chinese spicy hotpot. We chose a couple of 'special' items from the menu to be served with it, and once the soup was served went about adding what we felt like to it. The Khocolateman was definitely in the mood for red meat - ox tongue, strips of beef and pork, quail eggs, etc. On my other side, Malli (my brother in law) had chosen a miso soup base and was loading it with noodles and veggies.

Oh dear Lord. It killed me.

They also had fridges of sushi and bain maries of hot food. Imagine my OMGWTFBBQ reaction when I found they had takoyaki! I wasn't quite game to try noodles or rice, but the little fried dough octopus balls absolutely made my night.

The cost of the evening came to $28.80 per adult (all you can eat! nice!), plus drinks, however I showed them my VSG card and explained I was not long out of surgery, and they agreed to charge me kids price as I'd only be picking at other people's food. They were very obliging and very sensitive and I would highly recommend them as a VSG-friendly venue.

VSG note: The Chinese spicy soup was not a good fit for me, and ended up losing quite a lot of it about half an hour in (even after going for a walk... and maybe playing a spot of Pokemon Go... trying to get my stomach to settle). The miso soup was a good fit, and a little of the broth thickened after the addition of other yumminess like meat and noodles was definitely a win. This place deserves massive kudos - even as a buffet they are VSG friendly - but I would recommend going with others as they do have a sign that says they charge for wasted food and I don't think it's the kind of thing that would take-away well.

FOF Rotary Hotpot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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