Saturday, 3 September 2016

Republica at the St Kilda Baths

A few weeks ago we celebrated a friend's birthday at Republica, a lovely restaurant on the St Kilda foreshore. It's located in the same building complex as the St Kilda Baths, just underneath Captain Baxter.

Side note: as a result, walking from the carpark is enough to freeze your tootsies off if you are not dressed warmly for a Melbourne winter's night. Do dress warmly for that short walk in. I did not.

Once you're inside, the space is warm and inviting with a fire up one end, flat screens unobtrusively mounted in strategic positions (showing AFL instead of the Bledisloe the night we were there but really, who could blame them) and a well-appointed bar between the two ends of a sort of L-shaped dining area. As a large group, we were seated closest to the door, but it was an easy table to get into and out of, and the fire being next to us kept the area cozy and comfortable.

The Khocolateman and I decided to share the entree of fried chicken with jalapeno and lime-infused mayo/creamy dipping sauce of yumminess, and a side serving of the eggplant chips with salted ricotta. The birthday girl and I also ordered a pitcher of traditional lemonade to go with the meal.

The meals came out quickly and together (always nice when you're with a large group), only a short while after our drinks. The lemonade was the ideal palate cleanser - not too sweet, but with the bitterness of the vodka masked with an even balance of sugar and lemon. I had only a little - maybe two half glasses - but it was well worth it. The chicken deserved a clean slate, as the coating was crunchy and smokey, with some of the flavour filtering down into the tender meat below. The mayo was a good pairing - the jalapenos were really finely minced and well-mixed into the sauce. I couldn't taste the lime so much but I didn't mind - I prefer jalapeno anyway.


Oh dear lord they're huge.
And excuse the shonky lighting. Not my best shots.

The eggplant chips were ENORMOUS. Delicately crumbed and fried lightly, they would make a good side to most menu items. The salted ricotta was drier than I expected, and kind of shreddy rather than crumbly like you usually get. The flavour was good though, and I have to admit to eating it separately to the chips.

While they don't split bills, Republica is sensible enough to have an ATM right next to the cash register so you can sort out bills effortlessly. What a good idea! More places should do that.

VSG note: I got in one piece of chicken, a tablespoon of mayo, and ate one chip cut into eight pieces... and lost almost all of it half an hour later as this was the beginning of my sleeve kinking on itself again and me not being able to eat solid food again. Man was it worth it in the meantime though! Highly deserving of praise and you should definitely try it as their portions are small and resonabley priced!

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  1. Lighting aside that chicken looks like homemade USA! I grew up eating Sunday dinners with family all of us chomping on delicious fried chicken.
    You are a lucky girl to have enjoyed such a fantastic meal on a cold night out. earthnk swapbot