Friday, 30 September 2016

Rice Workshop Knox

When I lived in Japan it was a tradition for the gaijin (me and the American teacher I worked with) to go to Yoshinoya once a week for a beef bowl - shaved beef and onion, cooked with some kind of broth and served with rice and sometimes other stuff like veggies if you were feeling splurgey. It had a very distinct taste, sweet and salty at the same time, and the beef was always very long and thin and soft. I missed it when I left.

When I saw that Rice Workshop had opened at Westfield Knox AND they were offering entry into a draw for a trip for two to Japan I was like OH YES I'LL BE IN ON THAT. At the time I could eat a little, but still no rice, so I ordered the beef bowl with extra veggies and a poached egg (why not pack a bit more protein into it?). They really meant it when they said extra veggies to make up for it! It was like a dense foliage of greens with a generous scoop of beef and a runny egg on top. Authentic and yum!


I couldn't eat heaps of it at the time, but it made three decent meals for me over two days - plus the Khocolateman tried some and decided it was pretty good. I went back and got the tonkatsu with Japanese curry for him the next time I was there, which he unfortunately devoured before I got to take a photo of it but he seemed to think it was pretty good (and for a guy who MAKES CURRY IN A BIG WAY this is BIG PRAISE). I got that in a combo with their takoyaki (picture perfect, a little tough on the outside... but oh, those tasty little octopus balls!).

See? Picture perfect in glossy hi-def detail

I think I have a new favourite in the food court!

Rice Workshop Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Oh that dish with the egg looks delightful. And our family loves curry. I made some for dinner last night and it was just delicious. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I always enjoy reading and seeing what you are eating! Peanutsmommy7 with Swap-bot September Blog Hop

  2. The beef bowl looks salivatingly deeeeee licious! I would have dived into that bowl with relish(not the condiment, the enthusiasm) haha!
    You mention of "octopus balls" made me snort laugh out loud. Very funny. Will tuck that word away to spring at some unsuspecting moment ;-) earthnk swapbot

  3. p.s. the octo-balls looks very bite worthy, imho :-)