Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Foreigner, Ivanhoe

While where I live is very much the eastern suburbs, I have friends scattered across the city and when it's time to catch up I much prefer to go to them rather than having them come to me (unless they live close by in which case all bets are off and we go to Knox!).

One of these fabulous amazing friends is a teacher buddy from old school who suggested we meet at The Foreigner in Ivanhoe for a coffee over the holidays. What a lovely space! AND IT HAD PARKING OUT THE FRONT! The staff were laid back and entertaining (there was an impromptu dance going on at one point which was very engaging) as well as really knowing their stuff about the menu items.

Being as it is I couldn't eat, I ordered a chai latte. Imagine my surprise when they asked 'Leaf or powder?' I pounced on that - a rarity - and was presented with a lovely pot of PROPER chai latte. The flavour was distinct but not overpowering and the milk not too frothy and not too boiled but just right. It was the Goldilocks of chai tea latte.

Mmmm proper chai for the first time in forever!

My teacher buddy had a coffee but also ordered the ricotta and honey pancakes with a side of bacon. They came out with a generous scoop of ice cream, a fairy floss garnish and a sprinkling of crushed pistachios - a beautifully presented plate full of colour and different textures. I am assured it was just as tasty as it was pretty - and it was very, very pretty.


If I was closer to the area I think this would become my regular haunt. As it is, I can guarantee I'll be back during the term at least once - it's too good not to have a repeat visit!

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  2. Bravo on stumbling upon a proper pot of chai. That is an amazing cup when found. Your description of this chai latte being fits the "Goldilocks" mold to a T! I will add your teachers FLOOFY to my "must try" wish list when I make it to your part of the World, one day. Love this blog entry. Glad I have some peanut brittle to appease my snack attack :-)