Saturday, 15 October 2016

A Moderately Stellar Performance by Stellarossa

Over the holidays I bailed to Brisbane for a few days for a professional development course. The course was great (language nerdery abounded, and pleased my word-loving soul no end), I found a brilliant Airbnb to stay at... the food situation? A little tough... but I was up to the challenge.

Hunting for breakfast near the West End, I happened upon Stellarossa. While they were curious and a bit confused as to why I'd order a side dish and a juice and no main meal for breakfast, they were polite about it and said no worries. Love courteous staff, especially when I'm still waking up.

Behold, the wonder that is fresh avocado


The avocado had that slight solid and stringy texture that tells you IT IS THE REAL FREAKIN' DEAL, MAN but it was very well mushed up and in its little white ramekin it was the perfect serving size to both satisfy me and prevent me from being sick. I added a little salt and pepper (I like my avocado with substance and bite!).

The Green Machine juice was a beautiful balance of sweet and zesty in its flavour. It was a pretty decent size, too. The texture was somewhere between a smoothie and a juice, so quite substantial without being too thick an inconveniently blocking your straw (hate it when that happens). I was only sorry not to be able to finish everything as they must have thought me a very odd chicken!

There are other places around that do a maybe more imaginative breakfast but for solid food, solid service and a solid surround, Stellarossa hit the mark. Gets a tick of approval for VSG patients as well.

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