Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Kimchi and Bab With Baby

Over the holidays a friend from my Korea days visited Melbourne and I FINALLY managed to get together for lunch with her and her more-than-gorgeous (AND BEAUTIFULLY BEHAVED) baby. Did we (all) want Korean? Hell yes we did, so onto Zomato we flew, and upon Kimchi and Bab in Caulfield we happened.

Now at the moment I'm still not eating much. We figured soup would be safe, so we got budae jjigae (army soup) which contains a bit of everything - kimchi, sausage, spam-like meat, bit of veggie stuff, noodles - in a thick, spicy broth. It was rich and packed full of flavour and texture, and came with the usual assortment of banchan (side dishes) which I could have totally gone to town on as they looked and smelt amazing. As it was, I got a couple of small ladle-fulls of the broth down over the hour or so that we were there, and a few small pieces of the sausage. BONUS! I totally recommend this to anyone struggling with the rigours of a miniature stomach.

Banchan before the...


The restaurant is not huge but it was big enough for us to fit Kat's pram between two tables, and ourselves around it. The food was EXCELLENT value for money and could easily have fed us for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two days for $30ish dollars. They have a decent range of available-in-Korea soft drinks in the fridge (I had milkis - it's been a while and it was a SWEET reunion). The servers were lovely and generally very helpful (assisting us with the gas burner to heat the soup), well presented and neat.

As at the holidays, there were two restaurants labelled as Kimchi and Bab on the road. If you are facing the station with your back to the Princes Highway, the one on your left is the one currently in operation.

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  1. Spending time with a good friend refreshes mind and if it is combined with good food it is great. the pot curry looks tasty. What are the ingredients in it?

    1. This is an excellent point, and it certainly did that! It's technically not a curry but a soup - you can google Budae Jigae or Korean Army Soup for a full recipe (if I try to list everything I know I'll miss something out!).