Friday, 14 October 2016

Never Come Back from Copperface Jack's

I love that song Copperhead Road so every time I walked past Copperface Jack's in Brisbane's West End it would start playing in my head. Who am I to deny my inner Steve Earle fan? I had to sit down and try it.

At first I hit them up for a cider late-ish one evening. It was not-quite-closing-time, but pretty quiet so I ordered a cider and charged my phone (they have many strategically placed powerpoints which regulars/people needing powerpoints take advantage of) while people watching the street outside. The cider was fine (you can't really stuff up a cider), the service pleasant and the surroundings tres ambient for late in the evening.


The last morning I was in the northern state I hit them up for breakfast - obviously what they are known for in the area as they were doing a brisk trade by the time I showed up a bit before eight. They had a yummy-looking offering of avocado and feta on toast which I asked for without the toast (which they were fine with, no weird looks today). The avocado was diced (an interesting effect on the texture) and the goat's feta crumbled on top (quite a dry one, but a good contrast with the soft avocado). It was served with rocket and lemon. I got about a third of it down, and the rest I was able to pack into a takeaway container and pick at during the day. Also got a small chai latte which was fine, but not a stand out in the world of chai. Fairly standard.


Standard Chai

Loved the atmosphere here. The morning staff greeted every regular by name and had a personal comment for them; the regulars were comfortable enough to josh around a bit with the staff - the sign of good relationships being built despite a recent change in ownership. I'll definitely be looking out for a reason to visit again next time I'm in Brisbane!

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