Saturday, 8 October 2016

Sleeve Lyfe - How You Doin'?

These posts are hard to write. Bear with me, cos baring my soul online isn't all that easy or my usual MO on this blog.

Last week marked three months living with the vertical gastric sleeve - an operation that removed a very large portion (80-90%) of my stomach.

Most common question: how are you feeling? My answer (with people I count as acquaintances): 'Good, but tired. Thanks for asking.' My answer (with people I know well): 'Tired. But today I got a whole cup of tea down, and I only threw up once. F£%&ing bonus. Thanks for asking.'

Yup. Still not quite on solid food. I should be taking out shares in Kraft, because cheese sticks are about the only thing I haven't thrown up at least once of the things that count as solid food that I've been able to eat consistently post-surgery. I've had a few weeks here and there where I've been able to eat small quantities of normal food and I've stuck to protein first, as told by the dietitian - meat, omelettes, etc - and I've made the most of it by going out then so I still have SOMETHING to write here. Three gastroscopies and a barium swallow (ugh) later, they're not sure why it all keeps falling in a heap - all they can suggest is that some people's bodies heal slowly, and it looks like I'm one of them. So I'm still taking it easy. Soup, cheese, Gatorade, yoghurt = my favourites.

Other common question: any regrets at this point? That's hard to answer. Yes, throwing up and not being able to eat much at all is a pain in the butt. Yes, being bone tired, irritable some (more) of the time is less than ideal. And for a foodie not being able to enjoy food in the same social, hypersensorial way I used to is enough to make me pout - BUT I love being able to sit cross-legged with my class on the floor and not needing to wriggle. I like being able to cross my legs at the knee instead of the ankle. I like being able to walk the furchild without my hips and ankles complaining. I'm enjoying exploration of my aspiration suitcase (where smaller clothes than what I could fit have resided since I outgrew them).The weight loss? No regrets there. That's lots of fun. I'm not going to reveal how much I currently weigh, but I will say I've lost more than this:


That's my favourite graphic so far from which provides me with hilarity whenever I reach another weight-drop milestone and check in.

So, short answer: I'm doing okay. Not perfect, and my journey is far from over, but I'm getting by. Thanks to those of you who've asked after me, those who checked in when I went AWOL from SwapBot, or who have supported me on Facebook. I'm getting where I want to go more easily because of you. If you're a fellow sleever, how far out are you and how are you doing? If you're not a sleever, but you have questions about sleeve lyfe - what would you like to know? Leave me some love below and I promise to answer.

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